2018 Music Composition Strategies

There are many strategies in musical composition that will give you choices you would not find in traditional music theory. These choices come from the logical choices of possibilities. we will explore a few here.

1. Permutations of notes in a scale

B.B. King said that learning the strategy of permutations helped him make his performances interesting. He knew that there are only 24 combinations of a four note riff. So every show he didn’t have to play the same riffs over and over.

Four Note Permutation


Four Note Permutation Possibilities


2.Permutations of notes in a rhythm durations

In the same way we can permute note values as seen below:


3. Permutations of notes and rhythms




Now think of the possibilites of having different rhythm permutations and pitches the possibilities are endless.

4. Rhythmic Permutations Used as Counterpoint

These are just a small preview of the Logic of Music powered by the Schillinger System.


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