About Us

We are giving our students a new way of learning music which fosters their unique sound.

The Practical Schillinger School of Music and the Schillinger Society: teaches affordable and unique courses of music composition. Using techniques not being taught in music schools today. These applications give our students an edge, which enhances their inspiration and heightens their creativity. The Schillinger Society preserves and promotes the work of Joseph Schillinger through research and education.

We have been teaching the Logic of Music since 2005. We are based in a Boston community and deliver our courses entirely on-line. There are three options of study: Techniques: 6 week courses that focus on one techniques that can be applied to your work immediately. Private lessons with Phil DiTullio: your course will be  customized around your current projects. Traditional courses: are the original Schillinger System of Musical Compositions courses.There are 7 courses much more in-depth and will prepare students to take the teachers examination.

Philip DiTullio: Curriculum Vitae

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