The Schillinger System is a comprehensive theory of music that is both logical and mathematical. The nucleus of the system teaches procedures to compose music. Unlike a traditional musical theory, which chronicles and analyzes the history of music already written the Schillinger System, gives you tools in which to create your own music of any existing style and your own unique styles of the future.

This class will introduce the user to the Schillinger System of Musical Composition, a logical music theory. This is an introductory course that will prepare the student for a continued study that the Practical Schillinger School of Music. Topics being discussed will include:

  • Section One-- Rhythm Production
  • Section Two-- Natural Styles of Rhythm
  • Section Three-- The Power of Permutations
  • Section Four--  Beyond Permutations

In this introduction to the system, we’ll examine permutation, a simple technique that offers the musician endless options. You can learn to apply permutation techniques in your compositions without having to learn the entire Schillinger System. These techniques are the most important aspects of Schillinger’s system of composition with regards to generating material and overcoming writer’s block.


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3 thoughts on “A Power of Permutations Free Course”

  1. Joseph Xavier says:

    Hello everyone. This was very helpful from start to finish. Is there anything on the first part, I mean The theory of Rythym?

    1. Phil says:

      Hi Joseph, I am glad you enjoyed the Power of Permutations. I have lectures every Wednesday at 7:30 pm est. We are going through the Theory of Rhythm. I am in the process of adding more courses including the Theory of Rhythm.

      1. Joseph Xavier says:

        Hello Phil, all good? That would be lovely, indeed.

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