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The Logic of Music

In the Ultimate Rhythm Course, you will acquire the tools to create all possible rhythms for every aspect of music composition, rhythm, harmony, counterpoint and melody.

The Logic of Music makes sense of all areas of composition. Reducing elements to the lowest common denominator, giving you all the tools you need to help you discover your own unique style and give you an endless supply of ideas.

Course Outline

  • Learn the Language
    • Scientific Language
    • Notation Types
    • Graphing Notation
    • Numbers and Notes
  • The Mystery of ‘t’ Interference
    • Does one constant pulse create a rhythm?
    • Let the Fun Begin
    • Interference Part 1
    • Binary Synchronization Part 2
  • Grouping and Boxing
    • A Box in a Box
    • Grouping
    • Grouping Procedure
  • Your Turn
    • Rhythm interferences
    • Block Chord interferences
    • Demonstration
  • Resultants with Fractioning
    • Fractioning Objectives
    • Fractioning Procedure
    • Grouping Fractioning
    • Fractioning Rhythm
  • Groove Construction
    • Distributive Powers
    • Analysis

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