3.1 Harmony Engineering (part one)

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 Harmonic Engineering Preview. Part One

The prerequisite to Harmonic Engineering is Rhythm Engineering

In Harmonic Engineering, you will learn Schillinger’s special theory of harmony, which includes three types of harmonization. Type one: The diatonic system and the symmetric system. Type two: The diatonic system of harmonization. Type three: the symmetric system of harmonization. You will also learn cord structures and their inversions, groups with passing cords, extended structures. As well as, the chromatic system of harmony and its modulation.

At the Practical Schillinger School of Music, we add Schillinger’s voice. These courses are self-paced. The assignments will be corrected as soon as possible no longer than a week from the time submitted. I am available to answer all questions by email, phone or the chat module built into the courses.

Unlike most online courses, we do not close the course upon completion. Our courses are left open so you may refer to the material at any time in the future.

Enjoy and most importantly have fun.

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