This Group will discuss the various techniques of using Music software DAWs, Notation plugins etc.. and the Schillinger theories

Introduction and Share

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    I thought it would be a great start to introduce yourself  and share what you know or are curious about the Schillinger System of Music Composition and the theories of Joseph Schillinger.

    Also, share a list of your tools so we can better use them in your composing and arranging.



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    Since 2003 when I was given the Schillinger System of Musical Composition (SSOMC) that my Uncle Ed DiTullio owned when he attended Schillinger House in the early 1950’s, I have researched and learned the Schillinger Theories.

    I sought out teachers and researchers to begin my life long journey. I met Lou Pine, the foremost authority on Joseph Schillinger and have been working with him from the beginning. I studied with Jerome Walman and for a short time Frank Metis. I also studied from the many volumes of notes of Joseph Schillinger and his students. I have an online Free study group called Speaking Schillinger. I have met some awesome people and created many close friendships.



    I run Cakewalk Bandlab

    Ableton Live 9.7 for Sound Design

    Komplete 9





    MuSonics miniMoog Model D 1970


    Tonestar 2600 Clouds



    Various other modules

    Classic EPS Sampler

    I run an Atrai 1040 Ste Dr T’s KCS with PVG

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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