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Philip DiTullio is an American composer and musician who is a Master Educator of Schilligner System of Musical Composition. He is the only educator, teaching the authentic Schillinger System of Musical Composition. Philip over the past several years has developed the original comprehensive courses where he teaches at the Practical Schillinger School of Music.

He is a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston MA with a Bachelors Degree in Medical Technology, an alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Boston MA,  the founder of the Schillinger Society and the Practical Schillinger School of Music, where his study of chemistry, math and music came together as he pursuit this logical music theory.

Philip is a published author, who has been published in the American Composers Review and
Berklee Today, which discussed the logic of music theory.
He has consulted with Berklee College of Music to authenticate their original notebooks of Lee Berk who founded the Schilligner House which became Berklee College of Music. Philip’s work has determined that some of these notebooks were written by Joseph Schilligner himself. He has given Berklee College of Music their origins and history which has not been disclosed until now.
Philip has been invited by Artist Recording Collective (ARC) to promote the theories and music that are created using the Schillinger System. Christopher Burnett is the ceo, of Artist Recording Collective who learned the Schilligner System while serving in the United States Army.
Philip has been called to consult with the Stepney Foundation to work with the family of Charles Stepney as they promoted the theories that made their father famous. The theories are The Schillinger System of Musical Composition.

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