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CDR Michael Gilmore retired from the United States Navy with 30 years of military service in 2005 and was highly decorated for his meritorious service.

Studied Music at Berklee College, Boston, MA; Univ. of Southern Maine and So. Illinois Univ. Clarinet, composition, performance, theory, etc.

CDR  Gilmore held a number of Command and Control positions in the Navy. He served in the Atlantic Submarine Force, stationed on operational submarines and surface support ships. He coordinated Command, Control and Communications in support of numerous national strategic missions. He acted as chief of  Submarine Communications at the Navy’s Submarine School in New London, CT. In 1985,  he was selected for a commission as a Submarine Communications Officer and was assigned to a NATO Communications assignment overseas providing operational support for U.S. and NATO submarine missions. Later assignments included  Commander, Submarine Group TWO and as the Base Commander, at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, in Portsmouth, NH.


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