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Award winning multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer-songwriter Bruce Graybill got his start in professional music as the lead Guitarist touring with ‘The Ebony Blue Show Band.’ In 1982 when he was introduced to Mandolin and Winfield, Mandolin became his primary instrument. Awards include two first place wins, two third place and nine top five placements in Mandolin at the National Flat-pick Championships (Winfield). He is an endorsing artist for Weber fine acoustic Instruments and a former President of The Classical Mandolin Society of America Inc.

Bruce currently performs solo, with the duo ‘Cordas Eclética,’ and the Gypsy Jazz band ‘Hot Strings Trio.’ He teaches privately and conducts workshops, and is a frequent instructor at Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp. Notable performances include The Grand Ole Opry, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Classical Mandolin Society of America conventions across North America.

Bruce’s playing can be heard on many Weber instrument marketing videos; the Rawhide Arch top Guitar, as well as many various A and F style models of Mandolins, Mandolas, Octave Mandolins and Mandocellos, all on the Weber website.

1992 Solo album ‘Mandocranium, an acoustic string Fantasy.’
1993 ‘Live Bluegrass from the heart of America,’ with Drastic Measures
2006 ‘From Nashville and Back’ by Todd Hallawell
2012  Solo album ‘The Bell Effect.’
2016  ‘Out of the Shadows’ by Jim Earle
2016 ‘Cotton’s Cave’ single and video by Tim Sublette and Troglograss
2018 “Dressed in White” single by Tim Sublette

Recordings of Bruce’s work by others:
2000 Resonance, by the Providence Mandolin Orchestra (The Walnut Valley Suite).
2006 ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ by the Atlanta Mandolin Orchestra (WVS Ritual Dance).
2006 ‘MandoCentrics’ self titled (The Walnut Valley Suite).

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