The Composers Manifold-Rhythm

The Schillinger System presents us with every possible choice of every possible element we use in composing. That can be very overwhelming.

That is why many Systems can be devised from the Schillinger System. Those Systems are determined by the Manifold of choices that are chosen prior to composing.

This Manifold is the pre-composition planning that makes it possible to explore areas and styles of music that have yet to be explored.

Let’s explore what the elements are in a Composition Manifold.

The Determinant is the number of divisions in a measure. This very different than the Traditional  Time Signature. The top number in the Traditional Time signature is similar to the determinant.

 The middle term in the Power Series t/t  is the determinant. The whole numbers on right are the number of bars and the fractions on the left are the note durations within the bars.

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