The Theory of Melody

The thoughts of having a theory of melody brings much skepticism. The thoughts of engineering music has set off ongoing debates that have lasted decades. The truth is, whether we look at music or in this case a melody with tools to analyze them or through trial and error, come up with a melody that our brain has endorsed, the process is the same.

In this Logical Theory of Music, Schillinger reduced music down to terms we can measure. The data he accrued comes mostly from music written by composers who have used their intuition to compose. So the hypothesis that Schillinger sets forth comes from the way composers compose intuitively.

The tools that Schillinger gives us, enhances our own abilities to come up with melodies. Procedures that we can see to write the emotions we want to convey. Almost like when I writer searches for the perfect word or phrase to convey a thought or feeling to his readers.



So takes this journey if you dare.

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